Managed Azure Cloud

Ready for going cloud-native for your software or application?

Managed Azure Cloud
Use the innovation and possibilities of Azure Cloud Services optimally with True. We will do the heavy lifting and support you during the migration process. Already Azure Cloud based? Grow and scale your ambitions with our services. Combine the best of both worlds: cloud services developed by Microsoft and the expertise and commitment of True, your local specialist with over 21 years of experience.


Lift & shift

App modernisation

What is your current landscape and what are your ambitions? Based on your landscape and ambitions, we’ll create the best cloud solution for you case.

The specialists of True happily set-up and manage your Azure environment. No workloads yet in Azure Cloud? We’ll help with migrating, resource management, performance tweaking and of course, after-care.

Only the best. True tweaks and optimises OS, virtual machines, networking, storage, and databases for the best performance. Our best practices are your best practices and they are continuously improving.

Migrate to Azure with True and use all Azure Cloud advantages

Azure has extensive services and capabilities. How do you know what’s best for your application landscape? True’s Azure Architects and Cloud Engineers know the many possibilities. They know exactly which solutions fit your business case so that your online service is hosted in the most efficient, high-performing and cost-effective way.

Already Azure Cloud based? Grow and scale your ambitions with our Azure Cloud services

True is one of the most flexible partners of Microsoft in the Netherlands. The knowledge and expertise of our Azure Cloud Engineers is up to date with the latest Microsoft technologies. Our engineers are skilled in managing and maintaining Managed Azure Cloud environments. Whichever your case, they’ll know just the right solution.


An Azure Architect and Cloud Engineers are involved in your business case, to create the best cloud solution for your software. We’ll customise the Azure Cloud environment, efficiently and cost-effective.


OS, middleware, Azure VM maintenance, caching and webserver software: they’re part of the responsibility of True. Our specialists will make sure the whole technology stack will function properly. They will also proactively implement improvements like OS updates, upgrades, and security patches.


Together we’ll set up your CI/CD-pipelines, so your newly developed features will be quickly pushed to production. Setting up pipelines can be a time-consuming task, but once established, the advantages are abundant. Bring new code quicker and more error-free to production.


24/7 monitoring and alerts regarding the continuity of Azure VM services and website. We’ll proactively keep an eye on systems, web applications and data flows to detect bottlenecks. Possible problems like outages of Azure VMs or other Azure Cloud services are detected and solved (or bypassed) quickly.


Periodically we’ll check whether the initial design still matches your ambitions. If necessary, we’ll change the design. From the very beginning, an Azure architect is involved with your business case. We’ll also check whether the design is still cost-effective.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

By using advanced software, making back-ups will have minimal impact on system performance. Back-ups will also be saved efficiently on block level. Storing data on disks will make sure any recovery will be quick. This secures that your business-critical data will always be available.

True is Microsoft Azure Specialist for Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

In October 2021, True was awarded Microsoft Azure Specialist for Independent Software Vendors (ISV). In this program, Microsoft selects partners for ISV’s. Requirements for this program are outstanding and proven technical expertise and experience regarding migrating and managing ISVs on Microsoft Azure Cloud. True is proud to be one of three Dutch partners.

“We’re proud to be Microsoft Azure Specialist for ISVs. Together with Microsoft, we make sure ISVs can use Azure Cloud optimally and effectively. Whether it’s about migrating to Azure Cloud, further use of the platform or using new features. This will provide a solid foundation for growth of ISVs”, says Daniel de Groot, Chief Commercial Officer of True.