Fully Managed Kubernetes

Focus on app development, less on platform management

When using containers, developers often realise that Kubernetes (K8s) is complex when going to production. Fully Managed Kubernetes of True takes over this complexity and lets your development team deliver code, containers and releases with more time, efficiency and precision.

Managed Kubernetes van True
Managed Kubernetes van True

Going from complex
to releasing quicker

Did you also experience the complexity of the platform? Refocus on building and further development of your application(s)! True takes care of preconditions, such as hosting the Kubernetes Platform, (further) development of it and monitoring.

A complete
tailor-made platform

Work with proven technologies of the CNCF landscape that work ideally together. True builds your Kubernetes environment with tools that fit perfectly together. A platform with applications of the cloud-native ecosystem suited for your business situation.

Consultancy and Kubernetes expertise

In need of a Kubernetes consultant or engineer for management or maintenance? Depend on a large team of experienced and certified Kubernetes engineers and consultants of True and Fullstaq, including 24/7 monitoring of your environment. This prevents a steep learning curve and being dependent on one or several internal engineers.

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Kubernetes: efficient management of containers, but a complex infrastucture to design

Containers are a popular tool for software development, app modernisation and microservice oriented architecture. They provide flexibility and make sure every developer uses the same version. It gives development teams more freedom of choice and improves the velocity of releasing new features.

With Kubernetes, these containers can be grouped and easier managed. The infrastructure however is complex to design. Setting-up your ideal infrastructure is more difficult than it looks at first. For example, think of networking, monitoring, logging, security and storage.

However, if the infrastructure for Kubernetes is designed properly, it provides a lot of advantages, such as:

  • More control of containers and their environment
  • Scalable and standardised development
  • CI/CD process that checks the infrastructure on quality, mistakes and security
  • Faster, more precise and more efficient pushing releases to production

Fully Managed Kubernetes

When first working with Kubernetes, you’ll have to take the container orchestration platform in account and an ecosystem of supporting cloud-native applications. For this reason, many organisations encounter the complexity of Kubernetes.

Fully Managed Kubernetes of True takes care of this complexity. True knows the ecosystem thoroughly. We know which applications of the cloud-native ecosystem are a perfect fit for your situation. We’ll walk you through it and share our knowledge with you. This accelerates going to production and it prevent steep learning curves. Your development teams can deliver code and containers with more time, efficiency and precision.

True has a large team of (Certified) Kubernetes engineers. We don’t stop after designing your Kubernetes platform, we also provide high quality management & support. Working together isn’t easy to define in a standard SLA. Our certified Kubernetes administrators (CKA) get this and answer every question via an approachable and personal chatchannel.

Avoid a steep learning curve

Learning Kubernetes is complex enough. You’ll have to take the platform into account, but also the ecosystem of supporting cloud-native applications. With our experience, we already know what choices are available and what works for specific situations. Your development teams can refocus on building containers and delivering code, instead of infrastructural choices.

Developer friendly &
CI/CD pipelines

We’ll make it easier for development teams to deliver new code on the platform by using Argo CD, a tool for application development with a focus on lifecycle management, automation and compliance. The tool is easy to use and links to existing CI/CD methods of your development team.

Support of experience specialists

Working together on cloud-native technology isn’t easy to define in a standard SLA. Our certified Kubernetes administrators get this and answer every question via an approachable chat.

A scaling infrastructure

True designs and builds the platform optimally to meet peak traffic without holding on overcapacity of resources. This provides a cost deduction and a platform aimed at a high availability every time when needed.

Cloud agnostic:
public or private cloud

Kubernetes can be used for many different scenario’s. In some cases (parts of) data and applications will be hosted on a private cloud and sometimes on a public cloud like Azure. True offers the best of both worlds: cloud services developed by Microsoft and the expertise and personal commitment of True, your local specialist.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

True is Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, an initiative of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. A certified provider must have demonstrable, thorough experience with Kubernetes and must have passed exams of CNCF.

Kubernetes Certified Administrator
10 Tips for selecting your Managed Kubernetes provider

Download our free whitepaper ‘Top 10 selection criteria for a Managed Kubernetes provider’

Many companies are eager to get started with Kubernetes. But which partner is best for your organisation? Choosing one is not straightforward. In this whitepaper we offer practical tips and guidelines to select the right (managed) Kubernetes provider for your organisation.

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    Why True as your Kubernetes partner?

    • More than 20 years of experience with complex web applications
    • Committed support and monitoring for each component of Kubernetes
    • Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKAs)
    • Industry leader Fully Managed Kubernetes in the Netherlands
    • SLAs with guarantees for performance, uptime, changes and improvements