Scaling your SaaS Business on Azure: Insights from our Meet-up

True Microsoft ISV event april 2023
True Microsoft ISV event april 2023
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True recently hosted a meet-up for independent software vendor (ISV) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) start-ups at its headquarters in Amsterdam. The event aimed to provide these entrepreneurs with practical insights and ready-to-use tactics to scale their businesses on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. The meet-up brought together ISV Founders, Venture Capital Firms, and Microsoft representatives, making it an excellent networking opportunity for the participants.

The meet-up focused on three main challenges that SaaS companies face in the Netherlands: commercial growth, cloud set-up and scaling, and obtaining financial funding. True shared insights into how rapidly growing SaaS companies can outgrow their current cloud set-up as they expand, and how to design a modernised cloud environment that is ready to scale while also minimising costs. True’s Chief Commercial Officer, Daniel de Groot, shared his expertise during an insightful presentation about growing your ISV on Azure. He highlighted the countless opportunities and advantages of running your platform on Azure, being: “Worldclass engineers & innovation, highly available and reliable, scalable and flexible, cost saving, and many more reasons.”

Venture capital and equity financing firms also provided insights into industry trends around raising capital for SaaS companies, best practices for raising financial funding, and networking opportunities. Attendees were eager to learn from industry experts and shared experiences with their peers.

The event was a great success, providing ISV and SaaS start-ups with valuable insights into best practices for growing their businesses on Azure. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of the challenges they face and how to overcome them, as well as new connections with other entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, and industry experts. By sharing knowledge and experiences, True and Microsoft are helping to create a vibrant ecosystem of SaaS companies that can thrive and grow in the Netherlands and beyond.

Daniëlle van Gils
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