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Managing and optimizing your hosting environment by yourself? That could slow down the speed at which your developers evolve your digital services. What a waste! Scale your ambitions to the maximum by entrusting hosting to the dedicated engineers at True.

More than just managed hosting

With Managed Hosting, True takes responsibility for the grey areas between web applications and infrastructure. Our engineers know exactly how to optimize your hosting environment based on the unique properties of your platform. Your developers have more time for exciting projects.

The best solution for your services

Our engineers and architects assess which combination suits your website, web application, or webshop best. Where necessary, we combine virtual dedicated servers with our Private Cloud, add extra flexibility with a Public Cloud. We also handle container orchestration, utilizing managed Kubernetes.

Superb support and 24/7 monitoring

A 24×7 SLA is included as standard in our service. You won’t need to worry about support agreements, monitoring, or response times, and you can rely on our guarantee.

This is what our infrastructure looks like

snelle servers


True exclusively uses the latest generation of web servers that are always equipped with fast local SSD storage. The fastest hardware combined with the smartest configurations ensures that you can scale your digital projects to the maximum.

snelste netwerk met 24-7 monitoring


Our network has the fastest connections and routings that ensure an always up-and-running web environment. Network experts and monitoring tools keep an eye on your environment 24/7, and we promptly respond to challenges.

verschillende typen storage gecombineerd


We use various types of storage to optimize data storage and throughput. Actively requested data is stored on the fastest drives. Files that need to be shared by all servers are placed on a different storage platform. Object storage is also among the possibilities.

multi datacenter oplossingen


At the datacenter level, power, cooling, and security are operational 24/7. Our multiple datacenters enable backups and allow failovers. Looking for a multi-data center solution or managed hosting in the Netherlands for your web application? True is the right place for you.

Advanced protection for your hosting environment

Our Advanced Security Platform is an additional service that safeguards your hosting environment against DDoS and hack attacks, such as cross-site scripting and SQL injections. Our security best practices and platform are refined and developed daily.

hosting security platform

Responsible for the gray area: managed CMS, software, middleware, and OS

What are you responsible for, and what does your hosting partner handle? True takes responsibility for everything up to your application layer. If we notice improvements in a gray area where it’s unclear who’s responsible, our engineers take initiative.

Our engineers have experience hosting a wide range of applications. In each situation, we analyze and discuss precisely what resources and configurations you need for optimal performance.

Managed CMS frameworks

True is an expert in hosting the most popular CMS frameworks. Through continuous tweaking, we extract the best performance from the hosted framework and CMS environment.

Web server software

Need help choosing the right architecture for your web application? True is a assists you in making the right choice and managing the stack.

Our engineers finetune the webserver software and any necessary middleware to create optimal conditions for the webserver and your hosting environment.


All middlewaressuch as database, caching, or email software and frameworks are installed, configured, and optimized for you. With database software, we assist in database logic, such as queries and the structure of rows and tables, leading to significant performance improvements.

Operating systems (OS)

True takes complete responsibility for the servers’ operating system. From configuration to monitoring, patches, and upgrades. Depending on the application, you can choose between Linux or Windows machines.


True uses various virtualization platforms. This allows us to place your hosting environment on dedicated servers or our Private Cloud. We can also manage your hosting environment on Azure Public Cloud.