Meetup – 21.11.2019

Kubernetes Meetup Amsterdam:
Building KubeOne &
Continuous Kubernetes Security Through Your CI/CD Pipeline

‘Continuous Kubernetes Security Through Your CI/CD Pipeline’ by Yaniv Peleg-Tsabari, Senior Director of Product Management at Alcide

How to put your K8s security to work? Focus on securing and managing your app rather than worry about vulnerability and misconfiguration slips. Fortunately, there is a way to start putting your Kubernetes security to work automatically.

Kubernetes helps here by allowing developers and operations to work together to automate the deployment which is the first step. Step two is going over some of the DevOps security features that help to meld the Kubernetes platform with the DevOps culture.

‘Building KubeOne: yet another Kubernetes cluster management tool’ by Alexander Sowitzki, Loodse

At Loodse, we have recently announced a new open source Kubernetes cluster management tool called KubeOne. We had a vision of replacing the various imperative tools we used before, with a new single tool that would allow us to manage our clusters in a cloud native way. We wanted to be able to declare clusters in form of a manifest, just like our workload, and have a tool that would bring us a ready-to-use cluster.

But how to go about building such a tool? There are many existing tools as well as solutions and that was precisely out problem. It’s hard to pick the right one that would satisfy all our requirements. That’s why we decided to build a new tool atop of solutions like kubeadm and Cluster-API. This talk is about building a new cluster management tool and the challenges this presented us with.

Agenda Kubernetes Meetup

6:30 pm – Admission & food
7:00 pm – Yaniv Peleg-Tsabari, Alcide
7:30 pm – Alexander Sowitzki, Loodse
8:00 pm – Snacks, drinks & networking

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Keienbergweg 100
1101 GH Amsterdam


21 november 2019
18:30u - 22:30u

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Alexander Sowitzki
Site Reliability Engineer, Loodse

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